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Are You Ready To Have a Submissive?

Jul 122019


Read what I have to say, it might be helpful with the adventure you are about to begin.

I wish someone would have helped me when I chose to become a Mistress. Unfortunately, I had to learn on my own and of course made many mistakes along the way.

In case you are seriously thinking on having a D/s relationship with you as a Master/Mistress; there are things you have to learn and be prepared for.

There are urges, thoughts, and fantasies in the beginning. The urge to possess, the thought of excitement, the fantasy of controlling. This can be exciting but also very challenging.
Impatience is one of the biggest challenges. Nobody likes waiting, it requires a strong will and to hold back what you long to possess. Self-discipline is the key!
You may wish you could act on impulse, but you have to realize that to do so would be irresponsible and could harm your submissive.
No Real Dom would want to break the heart and soul of another, nor damage their flesh and body. The body is for pleasure and everyone’s soul should be kept intact.
Yes, you may want to immediately bring chains, whips, strapons to the table; but you can’t! Being careless with someone else will only cause mistrust and disrespect towards you.
As a Dominant, there are things you should keep in mind to control your urges.

Examples might include:

* Value yours submissives gift of Trust.
* Be honest to yourself and your partner.
* Listen (both verbal and non-verbal).
* Honor and respect the submissives well being first & foremost.
* Take it slow, admit what you don’t know and be open to keep learning.
* Consequence matters, no matter what the intent was.
* Leave your ego at the door.
* Be Responsible!

I will continue giving you advice to become the best Master/ Mistress that you can be.

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