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The proper way to talk to your Master.

Jul 162019


Some subs think that by staying quiet, they would stay out of trouble with their Masters. It may work sometimes but there are occasions where the Master wants an opinion or want to exchange some ideas.
Keep in mind that Communication is very important in a D/s relationship, so listen and learn from him.

Just as the proper words enables you to reframe the manner you know yourself and the world around you, it also enables you to appreciate and flourish in your position by using the appropriate form of language.

A sub should never use language expressing personal power, status equality, or manipulating a situation unfairly. Phrases such as “I want”, “I think”, I need should never been used. Instead you should say “I would like”, “I think we should”.

Remember, when your Master asks for your opinion, it is a gift to you and you should respond with gratitude.

As such, a sub should never willingly or in any scenario use foul language. The speech of a sub should be simple, demeaning and reflecting a disciplined nature and language.

Your Master may soap your mouth or devise another penalty for you if your language represents bad deportation or provides you with more authority than is suitable.

Only if your Master asks you to talk dirty to him, or repeat phrases such as “I am your slut” or “I am your fuck toy, I was made to be fucked by you,” then obviously it is alright to do so.

However, in everyday communication the classier a slave keeps her language, the better for her and her Master.

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