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Master/submissive Commitment

Jul 152019



Most people think of BDSM as just sex and spankings and it blows my mind how far from reality this can be. It goes much deeper than physical and sexual. In fact, the deepest you get into a Dom/sub relationship, you will find out it has nothing to do with sex at all.

Trust, obedience, service, and connection are the elements that make it a practice of the soul. As a Master, you will want to expand your submissive’s limits and edges but realizing that it can’t be forced. You must really listen to your sub, reach deep into the core of the psyche.

As the Master’s submissive, you have great value to him, and he is worth much to you. The experience of having a woman open herself so fully, without hesitation, changes his inner nature, making him strong and loving at the same time.

If he is a good Master, he will teach you and give you the confidence of wanting to give and not take, to serve and not demand, to trust and not fear, to share and not hide anything from him.

When you bow before him, wearing his collar as a signal to the entire world that you belong to this man – not because you were forced but because you want to bring him great honor. That’s when the real commitment starts.

Never underestimate the power of giving pleasure, but mean what you are doing all the way. You are one now, and making him happy should fulfill you with joy. As a joined couple, Master and sub, you create a new entity; a reality which requires both of you for it to exist.

Remember, you are the one making your Master ¨Complete¨. He can’t take you for granted; if he chose you is because you are giving him what no one else in the world could and in his eyes you have great value. Likewise, his training, his love, his security, and his strength complete you also. As such, you will learn to regard yourself as the Master’s treasure and he yours. When you see each other in this way, the soul joining that occurs makes your relationship rare and beautiful.

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