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The meaning of being collared by your Master.

Aug 072019


Being collared by your Master is the one item that is the most important. The collar has great value to a submissive and a pride to her Master., by wearing it you will show your level of commitment and the power of your offering. It is a reminder to you of the strength and ownership your Master has and a reinforcement of your identity as his.

Others will know that you are already owned and you are not anymore your own person. It shows the power of the relationship you have, and undeniable bond between you and your Master.

To start, many Masters choose a common dog collar. If it is possible, ask your Master if you may go with him to buy it. The trip to the pet shop to get it, and trying it on in public, is one of the most intense and sexually arousing moments a Master and slave can have early in the process.

Putting that collar around your neck and buckling it around your neck is an important initiation for you as a submissive.

Your Master will also gift you with a “symbolic collar” to wear in public so the vanilla world won’t be aware of your status. You will be wearing it always; to work, around family and friends and you will never take it off, until the moment you can wear the pet collar he wants you to use when with him.

Usually the public collar is a necklace (sometimes bracelet) with a lock, heart or other meaningful symbol of your submission. Wear it proudly and enjoy the connection to your Master at all times.

Once you are collared, your submission will be total, he chose you for a reason. Your Master now owns you and you belong to him completelly.

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