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The importance of Gratitude in a D/s relationship.

Jul 192019

undefinedSubmission is a change in life that not only changes the way you dress, act and relate to each other. It truly shifts your life viewpoint in the long term.


One of the greatest gifts your Master will be giving you as a submissive/slave is the teaching of gratitude. You will become thankful for the smallest things and the largest surprises.

You are no longer going to take stuff for granted and you are not going to have a list of expectations, but you will learn to be grateful for everything that’s given to you. Submission is in many respects the ideal antidote to our selfish social culture.

Be grateful for everything that gets you through the day with your submission. If you are given tasks by the Master, thank him for the privilege of serving him.

Activity provides you the opportunity to add to your time a range. Once you've been sitting at his feet for most of the evening looking off in the distance, a opportunity to get up, get him some tea or do the dishes will be like heaven.

More than that, being thankful for the tasks he assigns you is a way of acknowledging to him that his pleasure is your pleasure and you love to meet his needs.

Pay attention; If your Master gives you permission to eat, enjoy intimacy, leave the room, etc., you will always say,“Thank you, Master.” You do not thank your Master only for the good things, but for the harsh things as well, this is exactly what’s expected from you!

To learn and to grow takes time, energy and patience from your Master. Punishment and correction will be involved. He will decide the best way to do it; just keep in mind, it is equally exhausting and challenging for both of you.

Thank him for his spankings, his corrections, his lectures and for giving you another chance to learn. The more you thank your Master for the punishments and guidance he gives you, the more firmly entrenched in his love and power you will become.

Developing a heart complete of appreciation is one of the best in all the ways you develop in grace through your practice.

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